A raw yet refined take on elegance and an interest for masculinity in its boldest, unabashed expressions are central topics in the work of Umit Benan. This season the designer/storyteller brings its audience to a members tennis club, amidst the sun-kissed, sultry atmospheres of Cartagena, Colombia. He mixes the exclusiveness of this noble sport which has produced, over the years, a durable iconography of sophisticated agonism, with the danger and fun of the uninhibited Colombian lifestyle, keeping in mind, as an ideal frame, the images of Slim Aarons: unforgettable documents of the jet set enjoying endless vacations in beautiful villas, at a time when traveling around the word was the favorite activity of the privileged. A bon viveur and an athlete, the Umit Benan man gets physical, while the designer adds a new chapter to an ongoing depiction of male bravery and progressive classicism, with a defining sense of bonding and risk.The collection is bold, with remarkable ease. A graphic patch depicting a tennis court is applied onto the chest of jackets and jumpers, on the back of dusters, working both as a pattern and as an exaggerated logo. The silhouette is neat, with a sense of functionality. Elastic bands hidden at the wrist of tailored jacket can be used to push up sleeves when needed, landing an agonistic touch to formal pieces, suggesting new ways to approach the formal/informal debate. The pragmatism of sport is translated into an idea of comfort: reversible jackets, layering, snap buttons closing trousers. Terry cloth and knitwear are important elements in the definition of a wardrobe that is easy yet visually strong: the zip-up hoodie, the crew-neck jumper, the short-sleeved polo and the drawstring shorts swarm in rigorous graphic patterns reminiscent of vintage sportswear. A morphing of utility and sophistication characterizes the chamois k-way and shirt, the drawstring trousers, the insistence on hoods as a recurring element. Old-school white sneakers with contrasting details complete the look. The classic color palette recalls the world of Slim Aarons, mixing tones of blue, green, cream with touches of orange, yellow, grey, red. Fabrics are precious and soft: cotton, wool, jersey, terry cloth. Umit Benan brings back the pleasure of dressing up for agonistic purposes, focusing on personality and freedom  as the true qualities of the contemporary, self-confident male.