A dark alley in the middle of the night. An atmosphere of risk and mystery. The back way out of a club, the bustle of activities which in the daylight cannot even be imagined or which cannot be done. Whilst the rest of the city is sleeping, a crew of men set to work, crossing the shadowy areas of the urban fabric. They are artists who have chosen the asphalt jungle as their territory of expression and graffiti as their medium. They love the night and mystery because their art moves at the limits of legality. They often conceal their faces, or will hide behind the peak of a cap. Umit Benan appreciates the freedom of thought and urgency of expression of these men and dresses them in his own way.Art by night is the title of the collection. Umit Benan creates a cast of characters that is the fruit of his imagination and personal experience. A creative by night, Umit loves getting lost in the backstreets of big cities whilst he drives, absorbing all their life and danger: New York, São Paulo, Istanbul, Tijuana. These streets electrify him with their huge variety of human beings and their rough-hewn and spontaneous energy. Umit  gets out into the streets but from his very own perspective: he contaminates urbanwear and a sartorial style, the street and the elite, reinterpreting forms and proportions, using luxurious materials for rough-and-ready wear, mixing technical pieces and tailoring, grafting functionalism on to elegance. The result is sartorial streetwear which reverses laws and subverts protocols. The culture of excellence meets the abrasive skin of the metropolis in a contemporary and exciting morphing.  The silhouette is bold and volumes imperative. Each piece is a real tour de force of research: the oversized parka with utilitarian pockets has the sophisticated appearance of a smoking jacket; the hooded bomber jacket and shirts are teeming with graphic elements; technical jackets are revolutionized in their proportions. The contrast of widths creates original balances: voluminous tops are worn with tapered trousers; trousers with elastic waists and low crotches  end under the tailored jacket. The textures are as intriguing as the lines: large checks on tactile pullovers, stripes and jacquard patterns on outerwear, prints on jerseys. Formal combat boots and hi-tops seal the play of contradictions.Materials are masculine and luxurious: wool, leather, nylon with special finishes, jersey. The colour palette is nocturnal and concentrated: black, blue, purple, green. Graphic elements in progression interrupt the visual weave: dots, tartan, abstract squares. Celebrating the night and freedom of expression, Umit Benan is confirmed as a contaminator of codes and the herald of convinced but not regimented masculinity.