The contrast between generations is the main theme of the new summer collection of Umit Benan, who uses apparel to create an imaginary as much as real link between the past and the future of Italian Elegance.It is the memory of tradition, of history, of a unique Italian style expressed – beyond the sartorial quality and the impeccable details – by the timeless heritage of men’s taste and bearing, handed down through generations in time.Third Generation Italians is a continuous reference to first-generation style and elegance, embodied by Nino Cerruti, a friend and mentor supporting Umit Benan in his change of stylistic direction for this new season, loyal to its peculiar distinctive values but still aimed at a new sentiment of good dressing.Nino is the symbol of a philosophy that comes from the past to inspire Umit Benan in the present, in the aesthetic vision of a world of youths, all Italians, children and grandchildren of educated and noble families. The designer imagines to include among them Oskar, grandson of Nino, who has the fortune of wearing garments from the wardrobe of his grandfather, one of the smartest men of this time.Through a photo show, Umit describes the lifestyle of Nino Cerruti, with his son Julian, with Oskar, and with his closest co-operators, between moments of relax and of work, inside the Lanificio (wool mill), imbued with and stimulated by the history of top-quality textiles that started in 1881.This introduces to the following scene, showing a hot summer afternoon where the third generation is represented by a group of teens, the protagonists of modern time, who keep taking inspiration from the ‘old school’ style of the past in an assertive, yet naively timeless natural approach. This is where Umit imagines Oskar in the future, sitting with his friends around the dinner table in an imaginary garden on the lake, with the notes of old songs playing in the background, wearing the clothes “borrowed” from their grandparents with style and nonchalance.The Third Generation Italians’ dressing style reflects a timeless, yet ultra-modern contrast between a still undefined personality and a serious attitude, between physical immaturity and a measured adult dressing style – perfect, absolute, and respectfully elegant.It is new advancing from the past, modern arising from classic, translated into a versatile, precise, yet relaxed collection that Umit Benan designs as a tribute to that unique Italian Style that still inspires and influences the staples of a man’s wardrobe.