The new Umit Benan collection for winter takes inspiration from the flawless elegance of investment bankers and young go-getters in the world of finance, a late ‘80s image of infallible and unscrupulous NYC professionals as portrayed in the films Wall Street and American Psycho.Giving free rein to his unconventional imagination, the designer creates his ideal yuppie – the type he’d have work in a hypothetical Umit Benan bank populated by real live characters bordering on movie cast. What makes the difference in this modern, international and multiethnic bank where everybody would like to invest his money is none other than the group of individuals involved. Refined and cultured men of various races and nationalitites, each with his own specific personality and physical appearance, poised between quiet professional demeanor and edgy “freak gang” touch.Absolutely punctilious about personal grooming, they are perfectly stylish and fulfilled men who at the same time find in the group – and group bonding – just the right twist of eccentricity, a delightful offbeat flair.While serious and sedate on the job after hours they let it all hang out, particularly at night when they meet in private bars and in the city’s funkiest underground clubs. In the morn they may gesticulate wildly (and indefatigably) as cut big deals, but when call it a day on the mergers & acquisitions scene finally let surface the easiest and innermost of egos. Setting aside inhibitions to express a free and nonconformist spirit that comes through first of all in the clothes they wear. It’s a group of characters reflecting a deep cultural crossover, a merging of totally different souls: from ultra well-bred gentleman to shabby-chic sweetheart all the way to intellectual geek. For a mix so unexpected and unlikely as to become amicable, reassuring, irresistible. In this company of men where the individual is exalted by the whole an imaginary protagonist by the name of Gienchi James rises above the rest to epitomize a true culture of fine living and dressing.Precisely from the opposition between single and group, 1980s and today, severity sophistication and supremely cool ease emerges the designer’s vision for next season: clothes for men who offer a unique personal take on every shape, every color, every finishing touch.For according to the Umit Benan aesthetic, behind the clothes there’s much more to discover.And it’s the personality of the man who is making these clothes his own.