In a creative journey along the back roads and through the rural settlements of his native country, Umit Benan imbues his male wardrobe for next season with historical and ethnic references to Turkey, inspiring an aesthetic vision that leads directly from the spirit of tradition to the rapid progress of Istanbul, 2010 European Capital of Culture.The cosmopolitan inclination of a land looking toward the future meets and inflects the styles most deeply rooted in the people – in particular the strong physicality and countenance of men – suggesting a whole new balance between classic identity and ultramodern expression of local costume.Umit Benan visits the villages of his homeland, photographing and observing life’s slow and repetitive pace as inhabitants pass the day between work in the fields and long hours of quiet leisure drinking Turkish coffee, playing backgammon, or sitting perfectly still in front of obsolete televisions which by contrast broadcast loud and frenetic images of the world moving forward. Real men with thick mustaches and sharp features, on old worn wooden benches, typical Tespih rosary beads deftly in hand, an unmistakable background of rhythmic tinkling that fills the silence of interminable pauses spent watching time go by.So, Umit Benan invents the atmosphere of his downtown Istanbul coffee-shop, imagining how guests would dress – protagonists/interpreters of a unique style that preserves respect for tradition while elevating and updating it through totally fresh takes.Men who wear the clothes of always with an instinctive elegance, practically unaware, for according to Umit Benan’s design philosophy what define an individual’s style – inner above all – are his personality, character and innate allure.The sartorial refinement and mannish sophistication of the new collection translate Umit Benan’s keen and vivid eye into a complete and transversal look as the designer maps out the boundary line between past and future, aligning Turkey’s deep roots and sense of tradition with the very modern moment of the present.