The Retired Rockers inspiring the F/W 2010-2011 collection are a group of musicians who made music history in the 1970s and ‘80s, once young and wild kids with no direction beyond rousing an entire generation to a blaring rock beat. Umit Benan presents his vision of these old rockers – his rockers – imagining a rock band à la Rolling Stones that gets together with a few old buddies such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen and with producer Ahmet Ertegun (the man who discovered them and who, not coincidentally, shares the designer’s Turkish roots). These rockers have had, experienced, exceeded the limits with everything: women, money, drugs. They’ve written songs part of music history. Still pals after all this time, now more than 30 years down the road they meet each month at the same old East Village club. They’re retired, they’re on in years, but have never felt better. All they care about is enjoying life, hanging out and relaxing together, sitting at the usual table at Joe’s Bar, maybe talking about old times. And so they exude a unique charm, the irresistible allure of transgressive, innately free-spirited men who have always lived on totally independent terms. They’re in great shape, look cooler and hipper than when they were thirty. They don’t need skinny leather pants to still feel young, for they have a rock attitude that depends on who they are, not on what they wear. No differently from their approach to life, their style is relaxed, free & easy and definitely classy.