For SS ’10, Umit Benan has envisioned a life in Cuba observed through the lens of Slim Aarons – a photographer renowned for his iconic pictures of glamorous and wealthy jet-setters in their international playgrounds.Umit Benan sees his character for this season as a stylish young Cuban businessman living in pre-revolution Cuba, in what he imagines to have been a freer and happier time.This character has an element of the style of Tony Montana in the movie SCARFACE – definitely modern and off-beat – but without the aggression, similar to Diego Delgado in the recent movie BLOW.Umit Benan visualises the luxurious and intimate mood of the “Tony Montana” Havana mansion where he would hang out with his entourage. Dressed for parties day or night and even for the hangover the day after - they would think nothing of hopping over to Miami; strolling on the Havana coast in a jersey suit; or taking a weekend jaunt to the Carribean – but always in a very luxurious, sophisticated and old school mood.As Umit sees his men as stylish and with strong personalities, they have the confidence to challenge themselves with some of the more feminine details and ideas he has incorporated into this collection such as -  exaggerated pleated pants, draped t-shirts, over size ruffled shirt and attached shirt-ties. Although they are challenged by these novel details and silhouettes they still maintain their sense of masculinity, confidence and self respect.Throughout the collection the colours and fabrics retain a strong and direct reference to Umit’s vision of Cuba – with an updated point of view.