Umit Benan designs clothes where personality, individuality, character emerge. Clothes never more important than the wearer. For it’s the man alone, with his own attitudes and backstory, who crafts his personal style. Never the other way around. His creative vision is real, concrete, his approach keenly autobiographical as inspiration comes in the main from his particular life story. Umit’s early takes on the male wardrobe rethink and translate his experiences in Milan, where he lives and works: the mornings he’d wake up and in pajamas and worn-looking coat would head directly from his Via Bigli apartment to the nearest café, where he’d meet the opinions and stares of people who’d fix eyes on his stubble, on his at first glance slovenly appearance, a far cry from the classic elegance of the coats and bespoke suits typical of the city’s fashion district. The philosophy behind his first winter collection, 77 DAYS, lies in an experiment. Umit shaves off his beard, then poses for photographs seven times at regular intervals over a span of 77 days. Between the first slide of a clean and self-possessed urbanite and the last of a boy with unkempt beard, nothing has changed. He’s the same person but people continue to judge him by his appearance. Right from the first shot even the pajamas and raggy coat he wears are the same, made with the most exclusive fabrics and the finest of Italian craftsmanship. To understand Umit Benan’s work we must look deeper, go into the details.